Finnish Parents' League

Finnish Parents' League was founded in 1907.

Principle of operation

The purpose of the Finnish Parents' League is to combine the resources of parents in order to build a good learning and growing environment for all children and young people. As a specialized organization, the League strives to influence national opinion and decisions.

The Finnish Parents' League works in conjunction with educational institutions and social and health institutions. The most important forms of activity for the League are supporting the upbringing of youth, informing and exerting influence, advising, education seminars and the parental parliament.

The Finnish Parents' League has nearly 1 400 parents' association members.


Finnish Parents' League
Mariankatu 28 B 5

E-mail: toimisto (at)

Executive Director
Ulla Siimes
ulla.siimes (at)


Finnish Parents' League is a member of EPA European Parents Association.


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